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Yes, this is another travel blog and yes, it is written by ANOTHER black girl. Hi! My name is Shermee Randolph. I'm a 25-year-old Chicago native and like everyone around my age, I love to travel. I wanted to create this blog for those who are interested in hearing about a black girl’s adventures around the world.

During my college experience, I was able to study abroad multiple times and traveled to over 30+ countries and territories. I continue to travel to this day and enjoy every moment of it.   

I have a few main goals with this blog:

1. Celebrate and acknowledge Black culture globally, with a high focus on US Black culture.

2. Provide a space for travelers to feel comfortable exploring  Black culture.

3. Give travelers tools in order to connect with Blackness while traveling.

If you’re looking for amazing travel photos to help inspire your next trip, that's not me. I mainly write overly detailed posts with half-decent photos attached to it. But, I promise this blog will be just as entertaining as watching Praytell DRAG Candy for the 100th time on PoseFX. (RIP, sis. They took a real one)

Enjoy reading this black girl's take on the world before it realizes I wasn’t the second coming of Beyonce it was looking for. Bye!

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